Wednesday, 23 February 2011

cam's shirt and alice's dress

Just a quick update in-between art and french work...
Wanted tot share some photos of my brother's birthday present - which took me a while but no where near as long as i thought it would! Didn't use a pattern, used his school shirts for reference though!

lovely checked silk.

cuff detail

 And because I love her, I have bought some fabric for Alice's birthday dress.... We went to our local haberdashery because shopping local is good!!! This was alice's third choice because there wasn't enough fabric in the other rolls :(
So we ended up with a floral green, with a green lining and a green zip. The fabric is by harry glass I think - the same designer as of the fabric i used on my skirt in a previous post.
I'm hoping her dress looks awesome - you deserve it alice baby! xxx
the fabric for alice's birthday dress 

Lots of Love, and -as always - thanks for looking


  1. I wish I could do things like this! The most I've ever sewes in a hand puppet of Amy Robertson.

  2. Love you Emma babes! Wait until the next post - alice's dress is going to ROCK xx