Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Long time no see!

Hello there!!!

I am just realising how much I have neglected this blog and crafting in general! What is happening to me?! So much has got in the way, namely art and it's ruthless demands.....

Since the last
I have finished my art A level (pictures will definitely follow eventually), such a weight off my shoulders!!! And I finished Alice's dress on time, but a very poor fit (a rather large cock-up on my part, sorry baby g!), so that is in pieces ready to be re-designed, re-drawn out, re-cut and re-stitched. After re-fitting it might just be re-finished....

Alice and I on her birthday
with the badly made dress!!
I also made Sophie a dress for her birthday. This one was much more successful!! She seems to love it, and she looks absolutely gorgeous in it!!! The basic ideas came from a 90's pattern for a much longer, slightly differently shaped dress. I hope to keep adapting this pattern as it has such a beautiful fit on anyone (i.e. I WANT ONE TOO!!! maybe I'll create some sleeves....)
Sophie on her birthday
Looking hot!! 

I am now on study leave, so I have some more free time (which I should obviously be using for revising:/ )
However, because I am going to have an adventurous kind of summer, I need to get some money in so that it's a comfortable series of trips rather than a stingy stressed existence. Therefore, I have started myself an etsy account (not news really, this was a long time ago) which can be found here. At the moment only has some hand cut labels on, but I plan to expand beyond my thoughts of what is possible, after exams end of course (20th June). [Dear lord! That means my exams are over in 20 days time!! arrrghhhh!]

So, Etsy....
Some things to expect!
~ Jumpsuits
~ Reclaimed and reconstructed
~ Summer dresses
~ Home wares
~ Jewellery
~ Gifts
~ Kits

The grand opening: 30th June!!!!  I expect I will have some kind of promotion!! Keep your eyes here!!

Lots of love,

I wore my calico jacket to my cousins wedding after taking in the back a bit :) It got some compliments, happy days!!!!

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