Thursday, 25 November 2010

Things I've Made Recently...

In the spirit of all things uplifting and crafty... these are a few of my recent projects;

Firstly - a Sunday afternoon project ... a country cottage tea cosy!!

Look at the door bell! (Lawrence's idea)
The full write up can be found here

1st attempt at a blouse inspired by a pattern from the 1980s

Such beautiful (transparant!) fabric

The Second Version - In black for work

My new trunk - SO BEAUTIFUL

I'm currently making something for my mum's birthday... it's all a bit hush hush :)


Friday, 19 November 2010



 So I took a very out of date purple vanity case( after painting my room from lilac to white) and papered it with some Cath Kidston wrapping paper to go with my new idea for a vintagey room. A full explanation is available here:

Abi xxx

Hello Friends and Family

I'm going to safely assume that the first people to look at this are going to be Anna and Alice?
I shall update this every time I make something, which will save me money on texting round photos with the caption "look what I made".

Lots of Love