Monday, 21 February 2011

cakey cake

Haven't posted for a while, but hey ho - haven't had the time. Art is very slowly sucking the breath out of my lungs and the sanity from my mind...
HOWEVER, Without further ado
It was my baby brother's birthday on thursday so I made him a cake - and a shirt (post to follow). Well, I say baby brother. He is taller than me by FAR, but technically younger therefore I can bully him still ... with the aid of a stool...

I did a smooth icing, which involves a really runny consistancy
 and a lot of fridge action

mummy did the letters in a fondant...

Used my new bunt tin, so it was like a huge doughnut.
I filled the hole in the middle with haribo... YUM

took off the letters and drizzled over an awesome cream and mars bar sauce...
Heart attack alert

with the letters, haribo bears and candles on top

yum yum yum

Thanks for looking

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