Friday, 27 April 2012

Post Hitch Creativity

Hello All,
I've been away on a hitch-hiking trip, which was fantastic and I have gained a lot of experience, ideas and a couple of languages because of it. To see the adventures, please click here.

When I went home after a 3 week excursion, obviously the first priority was to bake! So I made a chocolate heart cake (which my brother artfully cut).

I then went on to make another chocolate cake and a lemon drizzle... YUM

I am attending a Lady Gaga night tomorrow night (saturday) and so I made some stylish glasses from some glasses that looked like this:

... And from inspiration from this:

Lady Gaga "Gaga" Glasses
.... I made these!!! (with the aid of tipex!)

I'm teaming them with a catsuit, big spikey silver heels and a hair bow/ telephone on my head - not quite decided yet. 
Buzzing for it.