Friday, 24 December 2010

Ginger bread making day

I had some lovely people round to mine to make some gingerbread, brilliant day and it was lovely to catch up.

The current gingerbread aim is to create a gothic/ edwardian mansion in aid of this competition... Check out last years entries - astounding!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

one of many baking trays to go in... lots of flour on harriet's

Anna's creations

Well, the pink icing was right next to me, and I didn't
want to get up to get any other colours...

RAWR it's my dinosuar!

oink oink oink oink oink

Anna's obsessional icing skills

Jessie's work - including mr Blobby

Jessie's beautiful tree and snowman

A little baby jesus

Just to share with you the song that is featured on the sky adverts at the moment - I love it :)

I will do a post with all the lovely presents I made people - haven't been able too yet or they'd see it!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Who doesn't love Christmas jumpers?

OH! The weather outside is pretty frightful... so what better to cheer spirits and warm up than a christmas jumper?

We've got snow... hurrah! but I have to admit, the snow is pretty dominating; I could have gone out and masacred people and it would have never made yesterday's news because the snow is so obviously the most important thing to ever happen. All I want to do is go skiing, but I can't because all our skis are in france :(

Anyway... My great Aunt is awesome. She knits at lightning speed and makes beautiful things, including one of the jumpers below...
I would also like to share with you this brilliant video which is really is worth a watch.

See? It's an awesome cardigan!! The front has a more
snow bobbles and two more stags either side of buttons :)

My daddy's christmas jumper - Rocky mountains,
 complete with cabin, mountie on his horse (left)
and skiers :) - I'm jealous

The 'coatigan' I bought in amsterdam in July.
Seemed like madness in the sun,
 but who's laughing now?

Not a christmas one, but another of auntie janet's creations
lovely lacy knit with pearls and pearly heart buttons
That's all for now... Off to create more christmas presents :)


Charity shop thrills

Hello all,
Haven't posted for a while... so on a big catchup now that college is finally over and my portfolios for uni are sent off!
I went on a charity shopping trip and found some absolute steals...

Superdry shirt... £9

Not from a charity shop,
but it was £2 in the sale... how could I resist?

Next silk top...
didn't look at the label. oops, size 20!

... and saucer, with section for biscuits
It's completely untouched,
and mark on bottom = royal albert fine bone china

Really cute candle sticks, £3 the pair

They're all flowery :)
So that's it for that shopping trip... I also bought a plain black cardi for £6, but it's nothing special and it's in the wash so I couldn't take a photo.
I really do love charity shopping :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

More Snow-ventures

So the snow kept on coming, so taking the oportunity I went out in my mum's swimsuit from the late 1980s for some vintagey pin up madness..

my little car was slightly snowed in

some barbed wire icicles

lovely bleak fields
I also made Anna's christmas present... which I may post on here after christmas along with my mummy's one :)


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Stop Motion in the Snow!

We made a stop motion film which is now on youtube.... Check it out!!!


sinking snow

Snow day creating

Yesterday I waded through equations, but to make me feel better I made this waterfall jacket out of unbleached calico (because it looked like vanilla ice cream with the litle black bits in)...

Yes, I know it needs ironing...

pocket close up

action shot

So by doing this in a nice stiff fabric, i've kind of ruined the idea of draping; instead of being very flattering as per my intention, it stands away from my body and makes me look quite big :/

the related craftster thread can be found here

Suggestions for tixing this?