Sunday, 19 December 2010

Who doesn't love Christmas jumpers?

OH! The weather outside is pretty frightful... so what better to cheer spirits and warm up than a christmas jumper?

We've got snow... hurrah! but I have to admit, the snow is pretty dominating; I could have gone out and masacred people and it would have never made yesterday's news because the snow is so obviously the most important thing to ever happen. All I want to do is go skiing, but I can't because all our skis are in france :(

Anyway... My great Aunt is awesome. She knits at lightning speed and makes beautiful things, including one of the jumpers below...
I would also like to share with you this brilliant video which is really is worth a watch.

See? It's an awesome cardigan!! The front has a more
snow bobbles and two more stags either side of buttons :)

My daddy's christmas jumper - Rocky mountains,
 complete with cabin, mountie on his horse (left)
and skiers :) - I'm jealous

The 'coatigan' I bought in amsterdam in July.
Seemed like madness in the sun,
 but who's laughing now?

Not a christmas one, but another of auntie janet's creations
lovely lacy knit with pearls and pearly heart buttons
That's all for now... Off to create more christmas presents :)