Friday, 24 December 2010

Ginger bread making day

I had some lovely people round to mine to make some gingerbread, brilliant day and it was lovely to catch up.

The current gingerbread aim is to create a gothic/ edwardian mansion in aid of this competition... Check out last years entries - astounding!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

one of many baking trays to go in... lots of flour on harriet's

Anna's creations

Well, the pink icing was right next to me, and I didn't
want to get up to get any other colours...

RAWR it's my dinosuar!

oink oink oink oink oink

Anna's obsessional icing skills

Jessie's work - including mr Blobby

Jessie's beautiful tree and snowman

A little baby jesus

Just to share with you the song that is featured on the sky adverts at the moment - I love it :)

I will do a post with all the lovely presents I made people - haven't been able too yet or they'd see it!

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