Saturday, 28 January 2012

Random Inspiring Internet Fun Times

Step one.
Click on the video to play.

Step Two.
Read my ramblings whilst listening to Michael Kiwanuka's beauty.

I have spent hours on the internet this afternoon (as well as learning an awesome hula hoop move).
Below are the fruits of my 'labour':

Egg shell mosaic art. It's a massive leap from when we used to do the
same thing aged 5 or so.... I think I will do an entire door in it in my new house.
Extreme birdhouse. Look at that guy; seriously it is crazy. The architect in me
says ' incredible!' and the realist in me knows that it'll be covered in ick pretty fast indeed.

Random Creepy Guy. Enough said really, though there
 are a lot of rubbish ones on the site... 

The Electric Forest
A great night light trail in the woods.
Coming to Dorset 11-19th feb 2012
Yes, that's right. I found the weird geeky bit of the net.
Bacon is good for me, right?

This is outstanding.
 Todd Mclellan, marry me.
The sketchbook or diary becomes the central line of inquiry
 for Peter Callesen .....

... and the thoughts which we put in it. He continues to blow my little mind.
Yes, it is a bit twisted, but Thomas Czarnecki looks at potential alternatives
 to Disney's 'happy ever afters' . What if it was all a trap for Alice?
What if Cinderella had fallen down the stairs?
What if Pocahontas became a hunter's trophy?
Check it out.

DIY Embellished tights! So simple that it angers me that
I didn't already think of it. Shall do this I think... or maybe this.

Alright. I'll stop.
If the song has run out, then I suggest you run after it, all the way to youtube/other listening places and find some more chilled music. More of Kiwanka? Maybe some summer boat jamming fun with Lisa Hannigan and John Smith?

Or, something even better....
My Drunk Kitchen
Mimosas! (from episode 'Brunch')
You can find Hannah Harto, My Drunk Kitchen extraordinaire, on youtube or on her swanky page. It'll be one of the best things you do today, I assure you. 

ALSO. Please visit my other page - Pretty please!!

Have a lovely day.

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