Monday, 15 August 2011

Knitting and other things

I have been knitting like an old lady. To date, I have knitted 74 squares. Which sounds like a fairly small number, but considering this has been done in about 8 weeks, this becomes slightly more impressive (to me at least).
I've learnt a lot, and my tensions are getting better (I can heat you saying snorin'ell, Abi, I do not care for your technical knitting shiz... but remember, I can apply this to making some awesome jumpers for YOU). I've been using more and more advanced patterns, woohooo.... anyway; enough with the jibberjabber, on with the photos!!!

Lots of 'knit one purl one'

Beautiful fairisle - definately a jumper worthy pattern

Aunty Janet's (obviously)perfect square

Moss stitch, cable and reverse stocking stitch

I also knitted a egg cosey, which was my first experience of creating 'bobbles'... truly eye-opening. It is pictured next to a 'hat' which came on an innocent smothie bottle thanks to the big knit which I WILL be doing this year.

slightly smuf looking colours...I will be adding a pom pom.
Aaaaaand that's not all folks!!! I promised a picture of my travel wallet and diary (which I filled in throughout my French holiday); here you go!!

Dairy, left, and open travel wallet with pass etc, right.

closed travel wallet.
So that's all for now folks - will update before I leave to interrail round europe i'm sure
Much love


  1. I wish I could knit,
    I have tried so many times but only ever make knots.

  2. love the knitting! lily xxx