Saturday, 30 July 2011


Hello neglected blog, I am sorry I have been ignoring you; I have been busy knitting hard and making various travel cases and covers for tickets.... however, I am leaving in  a few hours and I haven't any time to upload pictures!!
So when I get back from holiday number uno, I will have pictures of:

  •  my ever growing pile of knitted squares (I am making a 'uni' blanket of LOTS of 15cm square samplers)
  • My awesome travel diary cover
  • A matching passport/ ticket/ map wallet
  • a customised 'bra bank' (clearly not with me modelling it - ewww) 
  • Whatever craftiness/ photography magic I come up with in the next few weeks 
As always, 
Lots of love and thank you for reading!!! Off to finish packing and panicking about how much I should/shouldn't be taking! (without exaggeration, I am packing very light clothes wise, and seriously half of my luggage is wool and knitting patterns. Sad isn't it?)


PS. Whilst I am away - pretty please have a look at my friend Lily's Blog It's so full of inspiring craftiness and really motivates me to not put off my projects, but just get on with it!!

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