Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Auction haul!

I went with my mum and brother to Lewes auction yesterday, and I seem to have caught the auction bug! Must remember that I don't need antiques!
I managed to become the happy owner of a lawnmower box of cameras. As I was looking at a warthog head (as you do) Cameron (my brother) rushed over and told me that I had to look at this box under a table. So glad he did, because what I found was lot 153.... and it was love at first sight.


My Pentax K10's long lost grandpa

My absolute favourite

consul box camera.

All the lovelies - 28 in total. 
If I am honest, it was a bit of an action of heart rather than head - I'm supposed to be saving for Europe. However, at £72.60, I think you'll agree that this was a positive steal - even with some duds in there. It makes the cameras average out at £2.60 each. I'm a happy bunny. There were also a few light meters, lenses, filters, tripods, new 1980s opera glasses and (not pictured) a photoschneidemaschine - which I can only imagine is a kind of guillotine? However it has a serrated edge - so if anyone could shed light as to why that would ever be a good idea, that would be great!
I have discussed creating a dark room in our garage with my mum... only problem is I am not a photographer, I did not take photography at college.
I have no idea what I am doing.
Good job then, that I like the look of cameras. Because they are all film, and I haven't a clue. Time to hit the books I think!

We also bullied my mother into buying an oil of a clipper which the auction room decided was horrible. Cam and I disagreed and got it for £6 plus buyers premium. I would have cried my heart out if it was my work that received so much negativity.
Just because we can, our plan is to paint a Jolly Rodger on, paint the sailors to be little Jack Sparrows, 'rip' the sails a bit and send it to the french lake house. All in good fun!

measures 51" by 54".... it was fun getting it in the car.

See the little striped sailors?
Anyway that's enough for now! Off to clean, knit and read - classic teenage activities.

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  1. Oh Abi, that's fab, bargains are my favourite things, it wasn't Gorringes was it? I love that auction, most of all i love the fact that there are other wacky 18 year olds who buy antiques and get excited at a box of camera that they have no idea how to use. I saw a box of what must have been 200 antique massive rusty keys there the other day, i would have made a fortune, because they are very sought after, but my mum said they were out of my budget, she was right too!